Faithful  to our words “Walk Toghether, Go Further”, we ensure the role of advisor to our clients around the world, at any steps of projects, R&D, Specification, Testing or commisionning.


We develop a set of products adapted to your needs, and we are committed to responding to your industrial problems


The I&C is our core business, the company was established to support the activities of I&C design and commissioning of nuclear power plants EPR, we have acquired strong track records by our participation in all the EPR project around the world such as Taishan 1&2, Olkiluoto 3, Flamanville 3.

The avengers technology team have a multinational team with different backgrouds, which are able to work effciently in multicurtural environment and that’s our most valuable asset.

Avengers technology is present in many of the countries that are actively developing nuclear energy, including France, China , Finland and United Kingdom.

HW Design

Now a days the any solution has to fit with the overall view, hence our approch is to provide a solution with a total compiance either to the hardware or the firmeware, our experimented engineers then give our customer the best product.

Regarding our customers needs, Our hardware designers provide the effcient product as a development from the scratch from the specification to the PCB conception following a rigorous process.

Software Development

In any industrial environnment we need a computurized system for the monitoring, and any electronic device neeed a firmware as an operating system and that’s the duty of our software engineering team.